Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Organised Or Disorganised Service

The order to implement Non Functional upgradations for Officers of Organised Gp A Service may be seen in

The expression" organised Group `A' Civil Cadre" means a cadre which has all the following attributes, namely:- 
(i) the highest cadre post is not below the level of Rs.18400-22400 
(ii) it has all the standard grades, namely, Rs.8000-13500, Rs.10000-15200, Rs.12000-16500, Rs.14300-18300 and Rs.22400-24500 
(iii) at least 50% of the vacancies in the Junior Time Scale (Rs.8000-13500) are required to be filled by direct recruitment and 
(iv) all vacancies above the Junior Time Scale and upto the Senior Administrative Grade (Rs.22400-24500) are filled by promotion from the next lower grade.

All our efforts and energy should be channelized into making BSF an organized group A service if one wishes to see light at the end of the tunnel.


    it’s good to see awakening among cadre officer however Dharamveer commission and other commission constituted including state commission has recommended very little for cpos, infect they talked IPS 2. IT IS only after the amendment in CRPC in 1973, IPS Officers given power to investigate the criminal cases otherwise only officers below Inspector were vested with the power of investigation (except in the cases of registered in NDPS Act). You will surprise to know in most of the cases even challan was not filed and conviction rate (cases investigated by IPS) is less than one percent which clearly speaks their professional accuman. In fact, Police machinary is being run by middle level police officers only. You will hardly fine casualty of any IPS officer in militant action. They all are paper tiger and their recommendations are invariably given keeping into consideration of their own interest. Till 1965 there use to be only one IG in the state as there was no post above IG, now in a small state you will find atleast ten DG and 40 to 50 IG. All the commission/reforms have been design keeping into the interest of them and nation interest always comes second. I appreciate your concern but till the county is being governed by Indian Civil Services Officers, I don't see any future, it will be in the interest of the country that IPS, IAS, IFS services should be repealed.

  2. Efficiency : IPS vs Central Police Officer.
    I have read various comments about efficiency and effectiveness of IPS and CPOS officer. First of all I must remind you all that efficiency and effectiveness of an officer cannot be adjudged merely by the type of entry through which he or she becomes a government official. Please see the situation in Lalgarh ,our so called visionary and efficient IPS officers have failed badly .They are still in the state of intoxicated ego, that they are efficient and effective. They have made us all ashamed in the world arena, a country of 100 crore people do not have basic policing to prevent such turmoil situation. In another situation, a single dacoit in UP engaged 500 policemen including "The Dynamic Leaders IPS" for nearly 52 hours and killed 4 policemen. I think they do not posses the basic morale courage to accept their failure. For the last 60 years, these people have pushed the country into deep troubles, whether it is Punjab ,J&K or NE. These people have minted money, enjoyed all government privileges but did nothing on ground. They always demand for police reforms but they are the only who stops govt. to do so. Now see the CPOS officers, these people are silent reapers ,they have lead from the front and by example. Their contribution can be seen from the nos. of supreme sacrifices (deaths) made by them in Punjab, J&K, NE and in other states. A single officer and 75 odd men of bsf repulsed bravely an attack of 400 to 500 Maoist and killed 10 out of them during election in bihar,but these poor soldiers remained unsung as ever. Now time has come when they should (IPS) be asked to prove their worth

  3. Raman Shrivastava to be DG, BSF
    Raman Shrivastava who is Special Secretary Home is going to be next Director General (DG) of the Border Security Force(BSF). He is an IPS officer of the Kerala cadre and belongs to the 1973 batch.

  4. Hi..
    One more mug......... Well now we should raise this issue of organized cadre in every forum, every get-togather and every where.... Unless we fight ourselves for this just n rightful demand.. no-one is going to notice it and project it further to the Central govt.. I fail to understand what the so called Personnel Dte in BSF FHQ is doing..? They should be taking up this case with the DOPT............ But... till the time this force is headed by another mug.. outsider; this seems a distant possiblity...

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  6. BSF cadre officer gets ADG rank
    Congratulations and lots of felicitations to all brother officers of BSF cadre for picking up the rank of ADG for the first time. Late, but not too late, now time has come to prove the worth and showing the world that we can lead our force better than commanders on loan. But mission is still not achieved; we want our DG to command us. My tributes and regards to all who dared to speak their mind and fought for today, this small step will become a giant jump in future.
    Mission unaccomplished
    MISSION STILL UNACCOMLISHED: Its matter great pleasure to see that first cadre officer of BSF pick up the rank of ADG. At last long awaited dream come true. But mission still unaccomplished. I am waiting for the DAY when a cadre officer will command his parent CPOS ORGANISATION. The feeling of having DG from IPS (I PLAY SAFE) in CPOS is same as what our fore fathers used to feel when Britishers were commanding us before Independence. THEY also used to think that Indians are impotent and inefficient but with the passage of time Indians proved their worth. Similarily, CPOS officers will prove their worth in coming year.